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About  Chaleur


Carefully Crafted

We put our heart and soul in making the best fur in our company, located in the town of craftsmanship, Sumida, Tokyo.

We are highly rated for our quality throughout many countries.

The Chaleur products made in Japan are especially sensitive, due to the delicate touch of the Japanese.

Loads of hours and techniques are needed for the process of fur.

Using our fur products carefully made by our craftsman makes you feel secure, as like being wrapped up with love.

We want to keep on seeking fur crafting with the “best quality”.

Dressing up for events is important, but fur usable for our daily lives is also important.

At offices, restaurants, and even in the city, the feminine fur we craft is usable whatever the situation.

Overwhelming Luxury and Beaut

Fur is a material that educes the grace from the wearer, makes the behavior more elegant, and enriches the heart.

The luxurious ambiance the fur makes, and the sense of cheerfulness coming from natural warmth.

The finest fur have the luxury and the beauty which only comes from the finest and delivers the feeling of excitement.


      ♦  Company Profile  

Company name Nemofur Co.,Ltd.

      Address          3-15-6 Oshiage Sumida-ku Tokyo

                              131-0045 Japan

           Tel       +81-3-3611-3345


       Founded           April 1978

    Established         April 1982

   Membership        Japan Fur Association


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